Aluminum vapour insulation foil. Made of polymer foil, PE mesh and coated with a layer of aluminum which ensures increased resistance to tearing and allows for reflection of heat rays. Product effectively protects against penetration of vapour.

Heat reflection
Fast and easy installation
Tear resistance

Foil is primarily used as vapour barrier in constructions of walls, floors, attics, ceilings and roofs. Product is also suitable for application as acoustic and insulating layer with floor finishing materials such as for example floor panels. It is strongly recommended that the overlaps are tightly sealed with dedicated Eurovent tape.

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Mass ca. 90 g/m²; 110 g/m²; 130 g/m²; 160 g/m²
Vapour-permeability 0,1 g/m²/24h
Sd value ca. 150 m
Sd value 2 months
Water-tightness W1
Roll size 1,5 m x 50 rm = 75 m²
Roll weight ca. 6 kg; ca. 7,5 kg; ca. 8,75 kg; ca. 11 kg
Pallet 100 rolls Facebook B2B Platform