Vapour insulation foil. Made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE)which effectively protects against transfer of vapour from the inside of the building towards the thermal insulation. Material is characterized by increased resistance to adverse weather conditions such as snow, rain and dust.

Tear resistance
Fast and easy application
UV resistance

Foil is primarily used as insulation layer which controls the level of vapour in constructions of walls, floors, roofs and ceilings. Product is also recommended for application as insulation and acoustic protection with floor finishing material such as for example floor panels. Mechanical properties make it suitable for use as protective foil during finishing works in the areas of windows, roofs and facades.

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Thickness ca. 0,20 mm; 0,15 mm
Water absorption ca. 1%
Sd value ca. 50 m
UV resistance < 2 months
Water-tightness W1
Roll size 2 m x 50 rm = 100 m²
Roll weight ca. 16,5 kg; ca. 12,5 kg
Pallet 60 rolls; 70 rolls Facebook B2B Platform